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Windows hacks

sfc /scannow termsrv.dll error Run regedit and run Find on: x86_microsoft-windows-t..teconnectionmanager_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6001.18000_none_8e9f41c854441762 (as in sbs.log)

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GNU/Linux hacks

Show folders size sorted: root@mail:~# du -h –max-depth=1 /home/admin/mail/ | sort -h   Route tricks Show routes:…

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Mikrotik hacks

How to install Python and Virtual Environment on RouterOS Mikrotik?

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Checking the status of network devices with Python and sending messages to Telegram

I wanted to quickly get information about when the power goes out in my house. Having a…

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How to run Python bot as a service in Ubuntu Linux?

I like building Python bots. Especially for telegram – I think this messenger is very relevant and…

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How to be always online in Telegram? -Python/Telethon

Previously, I have already developed bots for Telegram with Aiogram. But those bots worked exactly like telegram…

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Linux Ubuntu Raspberry PI temperature control script

Today I am sharing my simple and at the same time useful Linux script which checks the…

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How to create telegram bot with Aiogram and Finite State Machine

I decided to understand Finite State Machine – because my bots had one function up to this…

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How to generate xlsx file from Django model

As you may have guessed, my reporting project is entirely focused on helpdesk events recording. At the…

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How to add a click on a row in a table and keep the links active

In my report project, I wanted to make a transition to the event (task) page directly from…