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Python base hacks

How to start work with Virtual Environment in PowerShell? pip install virtualenv #Install Virtual Environment python -m…

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How to Listen to Music on iPhone with a DAC?

I bought myself an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I already had second-generation AirPods. I like their…

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How to convert Thick vmdk to Thin and export to OVF/OVA ESXI virtual machine?

To convert thick volume to thin you must enable SSH in WEB-interface of your ESXI:

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Navigating Phishing Attacks on My Mail Server: Lessons Learned and Effective Security Strategies

What to do if your mail server is targeted by phishing? One of the users of my…

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InstagramSizeBot: Empowering Instagram Posts with Square Photos and Small Frames

The provided program is a Python script that utilizes the aiogram library and PIL (Python Imaging Library)…

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How to set Timezone and Region to all computers of Active Directory

I needed to massively change the region and timezone settings for all computers. To do this, I…

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Server control by Telegram Bot – Run Shell commands by Python

I have more than one Telegram bots for different purposes but one day I realise I need…

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macOS hacks

How to create and run virtual environment on macOS? python3 -m venv venv source venv/bin/activate  

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Base syntax differences between Python and JavaScript – part 1

Here are some of the syntax differences between Python and JavaScript: Syntax for defining variables: In Python,…

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iLo server power on Python script for Telegram Bot

Having a Python Telegram bot with the function to power on servers through HP iLO can be…