Interesting and funny facts from my life

Once I had to spend some time in “jail”. In the distant year of 2014, I was obtaining documents in a certain country, and the peculiar thing about the process was waiting in a long lattice maze. The queue consisted of about 800 people, all of them were from Central Asia and had a limited russian language. I couldn’t even ask someone to hold my place in line while I went to the WC (closest wall). On top of that, the lattice cage was covered with semi-transparent PVC panels that intensified the effect of the summer sun, making it feel like a microwave. After standing there for 3 hours, the officials of that government organization announced that document issuance would be suspended for 2 hours. I went to a store with one of the migrants, we bought canned beer, and we drank it while sitting by the office on the grass. I then entered through the staff entrance and claimed that I had been promised a separate document, providing a made-up surname at that moment. I received the document in just 7 minutes and went home. This is a good example of how in russia, people are often afraid of high-ranking officials and are willing to submit to them, even when it’s fabricated.