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How I Landed My Chief on a Separate View Rule in Django

In my project, when requesting the showinfo page, the user gets information about their work by default….

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Translate any text to Ukrainian voice speech with telegram bot

I present to you a bot for Telegram, which translate your any language text into Ukrainian voice…

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Convert image to Telegram sticker bot

Sometimes I create funny (or rather insane) stickers for Telegram that express my reactions to different situations….

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Search by employee and office in Django

I have implemented search query generation in my reports. Now you can click on the name of…

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How to insert and implement datalist to Django Forms

One day I realized that I was tired of having to remember the full name of the…

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Python IMAP Email cleaner – automatic delete old messages

I don’t keep a secret, also I work as a system administrator in an enterprise. I have…

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Telegram blueprint delivery bot File Indexer

@velesagrobot For last 3 weeks I have been slowly working with another project – a telegram bot…

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Updated Django model days counting – month start error

On February 1st I got an error on my Work Accounting system. My beautiful graphs are no…

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How to separate menu between ordinary and privileged users in Django

If you want to display a list of links to user profiles. To do this, you need…

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How to create tuple from Django model for choosing in form

For records user management I need create choose tuple: