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InstagramSizeBot: Empowering Instagram Posts with Square Photos and Small Frames

The provided program is a Python script that utilizes the aiogram library and PIL (Python Imaging Library)…

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Server control by Telegram Bot – Run Shell commands by Python

I have more than one Telegram bots for different purposes but one day I realise I need…

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iLo server power on Python script for Telegram Bot

Having a Python Telegram bot with the function to power on servers through HP iLO can be…

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Checking the status of network devices with Python and sending messages to Telegram

I wanted to quickly get information about when the power goes out in my house. Having a…

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How to run Python bot as a service in Ubuntu Linux?

I like building Python bots. Especially for telegram – I think this messenger is very relevant and…

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How to create telegram bot with Aiogram and Finite State Machine

I decided to understand Finite State Machine – because my bots had one function up to this…

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Translate any text to Ukrainian voice speech with telegram bot

I present to you a bot for Telegram, which translate your any language text into Ukrainian voice…

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Convert image to Telegram sticker bot

Sometimes I create funny (or rather insane) stickers for Telegram that express my reactions to different situations….