How to Listen to Music on iPhone with a DAC?

I bought myself an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I already had second-generation AirPods. I like their sound, but it’s far from ideal. I prefer good bass, which decreased in the second generation of AirPods compared to the first gen.

I have various headphones like Koss Sporta Pro and Sony MDR-EX15. But the iPhone doesn’t have an audio jack. Our local stores sell the original USB Type-C to audio jack adapter, but the reviews are not very good for some reason. Before buying the original one, I decided to order two adapters on AliExpress: one white, similar to the original, and one branded Baseus. They arrived quickly, nine days later, and I immediately started testing them.

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The sound quality is 5-10% better with Baseus (My subjective and non-expert opinion), so I can recommend them. When I connected the $8 Sony headphones, the quality was much better than with AirPods 2. However, I will use the second-generation AirPods for sports and at work when I need hands-free operation. They are very convenient for that, and their switching speed between my MacBook Air, iPhone, and Apple Watch is not to be underestimated, especially when I’m running with just the watch. But if I want to truly enjoy music on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I will use the Baseus adapter.

As for the white adapter from China, I compared it with the original braided iPhone 15 Pro Max cable—they are identical. You can see it in the photo. LOL

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Here are some specs of this DAC adapter on the packaging:

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